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Manual Neck Massager

Manual Neck Massager

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The best way to massage your neck and relieve pain.

With this pain reliever you can massage your neck so easily with only moving your hands.



Better enjoyment: 

Massage balls to adjust to your most comfortable angle and massage deeper into the muscles with a larger area and relieve pain immediately, allowing you to enjoy the best massage experience.

Safe and controllable: 

The manual neck massager has no noise and radiation, you can control the speed, intensity and angle according to your different massage needs to achieve your ideal and comfortable relaxation effect, suitable for all ages and easy to use.

Meet multiple needs:

This neck and shoulder massager helps to release tight, stiff and sore muscles in the neck, shoulders or legs by pressing, rolling, squeezing and kneading Improve blood circulation to release fatigue. Deep tissue massage anytime, anywhere. 

This handheld massager weighs only 270 grams, which means you can enjoy a trigger point massage at home, in the office, in the yard, outdoors, or basically anywhere you want. It truly gives you a deep tissue massage, relieves stress and enhances blood circulation anytime, anywhere. Carry it with you or even use it as a relaxation tool to prevent muscle injury.


This neck massager also comes with a Resin Gua Sha Massage Board. This board helps you:

1. It relaxes your face and then reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

2. It's good to relax your skin/body muscles and feel more tight.

3. It's fashion and with special design so it suits for daily life.



1 neck massager tool (35*18cm)

1 Resin Gua Sha Massage Board (8,5*5,5cm)

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